Mosaic is an architectural studio based in Athens, established in 2013 by visionary young architects John Angelakos and Sofia Giotaki


John Angelakos

Born in Piraeus in 1984. He took his degree as an Architect Engineer, coming first with honours for the school year 2008-2009, from DUTH university. He has participated in both national and international architectural competitions and has been distinguished, winning a 2nd and 3rd award in international architectural  competitions (Department of Biological Sciences and Communal Teaching Facilities in Cyprus, Museum and Park of Agricultural Heritage of Eptagonia). He also participated in the writing of a collective volume, co-ordinated by architect Sofia Tsiraki (Ena anoihto parathyro, Papasotiriou Publications, 2010). He has worked in several architectural offices. Since 2013 he has been running his own architectural studio based in Athens.



Sofia Giotaki

Born in Loutraki in 1985. She took her diploma as an Architect Engineer from DUTH university (2012). She has participated in both national an international architectural competitions and has been distinguished, as a member of the architectural team honoured with the 2nd award, in the international architectural competition  ''Department of Biological Sciences and Communal Teaching Facilities, in Cyprus''. Her diploma thesis ''Sections of spatial and social intergration of refugees in the city of Patra'' was chosen to participate in the 7th Panhellenic Architectural Exhibition in Patra (2013). Additionally she was chosen to participate as a site advisor for the Open House organization of Athens (2014). Since 2013 she has been running an architectural studio with John Angelakos in Athens.